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Tennis Bracelets, anyone?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I know Wimbledon is over, but I’m still excited about tennis! And it’s a sport where jewelry is expected?! Even better! Today I walk you through WHY you should have a tennis bracelet in your jewelry box.

Besides, the history of why they’re even called tennis bracelets is pretty interesting. But I’ll get to all that in a minute.

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What is a tennis bracelet?

Basically, it’s a bracelet with a line of diamonds in a very symmetrical setting. It’s meant to fit a bit loose. It’s been around since the 1920’s or so, and has been called an in-line bracelet or an eternity bracelet. Their simplicity makes them look really sleek, and they’re a good jewelry staple. I mean, diamonds go with everything, right?

Of course, there’s lots of variety within tennis bracelets. It doesn’t have to be diamonds, for example. It could be sapphires. And it could be more than one row. But generally, the style is very similar.

Here you can see the variety of tennis bracelets there are

Thank Chris Evert

There’s lots of info online that we have famous tennis pro Chris Evert to thank. The story goes that her diamond bracelet went flying in the middle of an important match. She stopped play and had everyone look for it. They found it and she put it back on. Apparently, it was an epic moment. She referred to her bracelet as “my tennis bracelet” afterwards and the name stuck.

At least, that’s the story I kept reading. But …. then I read something from a very reliable source that the tennis bracelet was actually already called that by the time of Chris’ match. So now I’m not really sure.

Chris Evert wearing a tennis bracelet

What I am sure about is that tennis bracelets were very 1970’s. This was the time when people were mixing high and low fashion. They wanted easy jewelry that you could wear in a lot of ways. And tennis bracelets fit the bill. They went with everything, they were stackable. You could wear them playing tennis or with your little black dress. They were classy and elegant no matter the situation.

Are tennis bracelets still in style?

Today, tennis bracelets are just as popular as ever. I’m not sure they ever went out of style, but I see more of them recently. They fit in nicely with some other current jewelry trends, like stacking your bracelets and creating a personalized style.

An example of how nicely a tennis bracelet stacks with your other pieces

And of course, tennis pros like Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams continue to wear them, both on and off the court.

Current tennis star Serena Williams is also a fan of tennis bracelets

I have spent the last week sporting a tennis bracelet of my own (courtesy of Anjolee). And not only did I receive lots of compliments on how sparkly it was, but I was surprised to discover it really did go with everything! Try one out yourself, but a tennis bracelet is something you can absolutely make a part of your daily jewelry.

My sparkly tennis bracelet

The Anjolee Experience

Now, let’s be honest. You can get a tennis bracelet from almost any jewelry store. But Anjolee is the only company I’ve found who specializes in them. And that’s meaningful. Anjolee has been making tennis bracelets since they first became called that back in the ’70’s,

One of the biggest trends in jewelry today is customization. You want your own bracelet to be something unique and special. Anjolee lets you do that, and you can do it online.

Make it yours

When you decide to design your tennis bracelet on their website, the first thing you do is select the length of your bracelet. They range from 4.5 to 9.5 in quarter inch increments. This alone is a huge deal, and not something I typically see from any jewelry company! So many women do NOT have the standard size wrist for most bracelets. The general rule of thumb for fit with tennis bracelets is that you should be able to put one finger between your bracelet and your wrist. That way, it moves around, but isn’t likely to fall off.

This is the tennis bracelet I’ve been wearing! I love the way the diamond settings look like little tulips!

You can also pick your metal type – white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. And you can choose between 14K and 18K for all three kinds of gold. You can choose how big your diamonds are. They have six different weights to choose from – think small, medium, large x 2! You can pick how sparkly your diamonds are too – good, better, or best.

An example of how Anjolee lets you choose the metal type

Only after you do all that do they even begin to make your piece. Every single tennis bracelet is made to order.

Are tennis bracelets expensive?

When I starting telling my friends about tennis bracelets, they had some questions about them. The biggest question I got was about cost. Tennis bracelets have a reputation for being expensive. That’s because diamonds are expensive, there’s no getting around that. And a tennis bracelet is essentially all diamonds.

I love the symmetry of the tennis bracelet!

Of course, you could get diamond substitutes, like cubic zirconia. Or other gemstones entirely. When I was younger, I got an aquamarine tennis bracelet from my parents. I still wear it sometimes, but they told me they got it at JCPenney and I’m guessing it was pretty inexpensive.

Bottom line, your tennis bracelet is as expensive as what goes into it.

Which wrist for your tennis bracelet?

People also wondered what wrist you should wear your bracelet on. Honestly, there’s no right answer to this question! And YOU can wear your tennis bracelet on whichever wrist you want, but people typically wear them on their left hand. Just because most folks are right-handed and so they’re less likely to be damaged wearing them on your other hand.

Note that Chris is wearing the bracelet on her left wrist

A tennis bracelet for you

Well, gem gals, what do you think? Are you excited enough about tennis bracelets to want one for yourself? If so, I highly recommend you head on over to Anjolee and get one!


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