Morganite and other engagement ring trends

Updated: Jul 11

Friends, I am not in the market for an engagement ring, but SO MANY other people are! I know plenty of millennials excited for an upcoming wedding, and lots of older women (whether marrying first or not) excited about the same thing. A loving partner to share your life with is always something to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a beautiful engagement ring!

Engagement rings do their part to change with the times, and right now is no exception. There’s definitely some trends I’m seeing with engagement rings – everything from halo rings to subbing morganite for diamond. So let’s explore the latest trends in engagement rings!

Morganite engagement rings

The soft pink of morganite is incredibly appealing. I noticed pink diamonds trends years ago, and morganite is a lovely gemstone – clear and bright, and very affordable. Technically (geologically) speaking, morganite is (pink) beryl. Just like emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (blue beryl). Morganite is also rarer than diamond.

You can get morganite anywhere, and it’s been popular among millennials since 2017 – the year of “millennial pink” and also the first year it showed up on an engagement ring list of popular non-diamond stones. Morganite came in second, after sapphire.

You can get a one carat morganite ring for under $500, where a diamond ring would run $2,000 or more. The color ranges from a pale pink to a deep pink, almost coral. It was named after J. P. Morgan, who was quite the gem collector.

Morganite is likely to stay popular, especially for women who aren’t interested in having a diamond as their main stone.

Colored stone engagement rings

Let’s be real. Diamonds aren’t as popular as they once were. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still selling, and plenty of people are buying them. But people are also increasingly choosing other gemstones for their engagement or wedding ring. Just in my own circle of close friends, I know someone who has a simple gold band, another with a sapphire ring, and someone with a jasper stone. My point is, diamond rings aren’t the sure thing they once were. So it’s no surprise that other great gemstones are filling in. Think Princess Diana or Princess Kate, and that beautiful sapphire halo ring! If it’s good enough for the British Royal Family, it’s good enough for you too! Besides sapphires, rubies and emeralds are popular too. Rubies, being red and symbolizing love and passion, can be a beautiful choice. Emeralds have been popular since antiquity, you cannot go wrong with them.

Variety of engagement rings with colored gemstones as the center stone
Variety of engagement rings with colored gemstones as the center stone