Earrings go back farther than you think!

Besides my wedding ring, there’s another piece of jewelry I wear daily – earrings! In my opinion, they’re one of the most versatile kinds of jewelry out there. From time to time, I have gone through phases where I experimented with wearing other pieces of jewelry on a daily basis – a statement necklace, perhaps, or a bracelet. Or several bracelets. But those efforts never lasted. The truth is, for me, earrings are part of my everyday jewelry-wearing. Big hoops, pearl drops, or small studs, I like the way I can be subtle or fierce or glam – just because of earrings!

Earrings seem very modern to me, so I was surprised to discover that …they’re NOT. In fact, they go back a LONG ways. I also found out some other cool stuff that I’d love to share with you!

Four generations of earrings

If you want to wear earrings. you really need to have pierced ears. With that said, I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you I honestly don’t remember getting my ears pierced. I imagine it happened at the mall, after all, that’s where all the cool stuff happened in the 80’s!

As for my own children, we also went the mall piercing route. Easy peasy, you just take your kid to Claire’s to get their ears pierced. Those folks have it down to a science! They even bill themselves as the “world’s leading ear piercing specialists!” Although plenty of moms pierce their baby’s ears soon after they’re born, my kiddos had to wait until they were older. Bottom line, though, here in modern day America, piercing is really common, available almost everywhere, and pretty cheap. So hooray!

Not so for my mom and grandma! My mother has a pretty horrific story about how she and her best friend pierced their ears with ice and a needle! And my grandma didn’t even have pierced ears! She wore clip-ons her whole life. And if you’ve ever watched Grease, you should know that only bad girls got their ears pierced.

Note that bad Sandy has earrings, but good Sandy doesn’t.

I guess I had thought that before there were clip earrings like my grandma wore, there just weren’t earrings. Turns out nothing could be further from the truth!

Earrings are ancient!

I’m not just talking like they go back a couple generations. When I say ancient, I mean pre-biblical. Three thousand years before Jesus walked on the earth, we were wearing earrings! That’s right, gem gals, earrings go back more than 5,000 years! And all over the world – in ancient Egypt, in ancient Columbia, and in Africa. And the Good Book (a.k.a. the Bible) has several mentions of not just earrings, but gold ones. Oh la la!