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Best Jewelry at the 2019 Emmys

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Sometimes I think the jewelry on the red carpet just gets better and better, and this weekend’s 2019 Emmys was no exception! It’s no secret I LOVE to watch these Hollywood award shows so I can swoon over the jewelry! I mean, what’s better than offering my own commentary on style choices from the comfort of my living room?

So of course I have favorites. And I bet you do too. Let’s get into it!

Best Earrings

As soon as I saw this woman (she played Dany on Game of Thrones), I called her earrings as best of the night. I mean, they’re OPAL – one of my favorite gemstones! And they’re so fabulously chunky! I found out later they’re from designer David Webb, which only makes sense. Because I LOVE everything he does! Besides the opal, I see diamonds, enamel, and sapphires. Just wow……

Opal earrings from David Webb
Emilia Clarke (aka Dany or the Dragon Queen) wears fabulous opal earrings from David Webb (image courtesy of Getty Images)

Best Earrings – Runners Up

First, let me say that A LOT of ladies wore dangly diamond earrings – Christina Applegate, Zendaya, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, Brittany Snow, and Angela Bassett. In fact, that really seemed to be the trend. And they were lovely of course, but not particularly bold.

For that, I’m looking at Halsey, who wore these big morganite drop earrings. Pretty in pink, for sure!

Halsey in morganite earrings
Halsey in morganite earrings

And Maya Rudolph had some colorful sapphire earrings from Neil Lane.

Maya Rudolph wearing earrings from Neil Lane
Maya’s colorful earrings

And then there was Susan Kelechi Watson from This Is Us. She rocked some coral, pearl, and diamond earrings from Anabela Chan.

Susan Kechi Watson earrings at the Emmys
Susan's gorgeous earrings

Best Necklace

Another Game of Thrones actress nails it with this stunning Louis Vuitton diamond collar necklace. The beautiful Sophie Turner looks classy and elegant.

Sophie Turner diamond necklace at the Emmys
Sophie Turner’s diamond collar necklace (image courtesy of Getty Images)

I also really liked Jenny McCarthy’s necklace. She did this whole hard pretty vibe where she wore combat boots and a spiky belt paired with her gorgeous dress. It didn’t really work for me, but I did love her necklace.

Statement necklace on Jenny McCarthy (image courtesy of Getty Images)

Best bracelet

Zendaya 2019 Emmys

<img class=" wp-image-7456 lazyload" src="" alt="Zendaya 2019 Emmys" width="334" height="501" /> Zendaya looks fierce with her diamonds from Cartier

Best bracelet goes to Zendaya, for pulling off this massive diamond cuff bracelet from Cartier.

<img class=" wp-image-7455 lazyload" src="" alt="Cartier diamond cuff bracelet" width="502" height="270" srcset=" 502w, 480w" sizes="(min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 480px) 480px, (min-width: 481px) 502px, 100vw" /> Cartier diamond cuff bracelet

Best coordinated jewelry

Sometimes people do such a good job coordinating their jewelry without looking all matchy-matchy that I MUST call it out. This woman, Jameela Jamil from The Good Place did this like an absolute superstar. I am IN LOVE with every piece of jewelry – from her David Webb turquoise earrings, to her big aquamarine cocktail ring, and her (also David Webb) turquoise and diamond bracelet. Stunning – the whole lot! She looks like a million bucks.

Jameela Jamil wearing coordinated turquoise at Emmys
Jameela Jamil shows off her coordinated turquoise jewelry look, with earrings, ring, and bracelet

Best diamonds

So many stars wear diamonds! And I love diamonds, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But in this category, I thought Margaret Qualley (from Fosse/Verdon) had a real elegance about her. The black and white dress was so striking, and it’s hard to do a belt properly on the red carpet. And her diamonds were understated, but still gorgeous because they were such interesting designs. The bow on the bracelet, the star on the earrings…. Everything is from Chanel, the dress and the jewelry. No surprise, Chanel always does well with black and white.

Margaret Qualley in coordinated diamonds at Emmys
Margaret Qualley in coordinated diamonds

Hair jewelry

Busy Phillips wore some incredibly pretty flower hairpins from Irene Neuwirth. They’re carved gems (chalcedony, pink opal, tanzanite) in 18-karat gold with green tourmaline. I’m completely in love with how imaginative they are, I haven’t seem gemstones in those combinations. And her earrings were from Irene Neuwirth too, carved chalcedony and pearls. All of Busy’s jewelry is really giving me Belperron vibes (Susan Belperron was a famous European jewelry designer during World War II).

Busy Phillips hair jewelry from Irene Neuwirth
Busy Phillips has the best hair jewelry – lovely flowers from Irene Neuwirth


Rings are SO HARD to see on the red carpet. It’s such a shame that I’m not there, asking for close-ups…..

But check out this cool ring that Billy Porter wore. And the nails are pretty awesome too. I mean, they practically match!!!

Billy Porter wearing rings at Emmys
In love with these rings that Billy Porter is wearing (image courtesy of Getty Images)

I’m also swooning over these rings that Natasha Lyonne is wearing. The Russian Doll actress dressed all in gold too, like an absolute goddess.

<img class=" wp-image-7438 lazyload" src="" alt="Natasha Lyonne jewelry at the 2019 Emmys" width="503" height="377" srcset=" 503w, 480w" sizes="(min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 480px) 480px, (min-width: 481px) 503px, 100vw" /> Natasha Lyonne shows off her David Webb rings

Man with a Brooch

It seems like there’s always at least one guy wearing a brooch. I wish there were more. Yay for men wearing jewelry! I thought Terrence Howard, the actor from Empire, looked really classy.

<img class=" wp-image-7430 lazyload" src="" alt="Terrence Howard 2019 Emmys" width="400" height="600" /> Terrence Howard’s diamond dragonfly brooch (image courtesy of Getty Images)

Well, that’s what I saw that was notable. What about you? What were your favorites? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.


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