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Get your jewelry appraised by yours truly, a Graduate Gemologist with extensive knowledge of diamonds and gemstones, as well as antique and vintage jewelry. 

Jewelry appraisal

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  • Many people have questions about their jewelry. What are the stones? What time period is it from? Is it worth anything? An appraisal can answer these questions. Apprasials require the evaluation of the physical object. Appraisals cannot be done from photos. This is due to the testing that is required. 

    Your appraisal will come with a complete description of your jewelry piece, gemstone identification, information about weights, mountings, metals, hallmarks, date of origin, and approximate value. Digital photographs come with every report. The report can be used for insurance purposes, if necessary.

    * This price is an hourly rate. The vast majority of appraisals take between 1 and 2 hours. 

    *Jewelry pieces should be shipped directly to me and will be returned with a full report.

  • Appraisals are non-refundable.

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