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Ode to Kate Spade

Oh Kate. Ms. Spade. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….


It’s amazing to me, after so many years in fashion, that you are still so fresh and fun and original. You designs stand out from the pack, because even after all this time, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. I can spot your classic dot noel pattern a mile away! I still regret selling my (your) turquoise diaper bag on ebay. I won’t need it anymore, I thought. No more babies…. But that’s the thing with your designs, they’re so versatile! I could have kept using it (although not as a diaper bag). It was, after all, simply a beautiful tote bag. Ah, regret…..

Regret over that decision has prompted me to continue to peruse your handiwork whenever I have the opportunity. As usual, I love your color palette this season. The spring seemed so cheerful with all your greens and blues. And now, for the summer, you have a whole beach-y flamingo theme that I find …. well, just FUN!

Kate in the office!

Everything is so cleverly humorous. I, as usual, almost bought one of your gorgeous handbags. But sadly, I am not in need of a tote bag or a handbag (right now). Instead, I found myself fascinated by your expansion into paper and stationery, other things that I LOVE. My need for a pencil case that wasn’t coveted and then stolen by my curious trio of children led me to Amazon. Lo and behold, I immediately fell in love with one of your beautiful pencil cases. And let me just say for the record – I love that I can shop for your items on Amazon (I should seriously consider stock in Amazon, I shop from them so often.)

So typically, when you order a pencil case, that is what you receive. But you, Kate, you gave me more. An adorable eraser with the words “to err is human.” Two black polka dot pencils. A six-inch ruler. And a gold pencil sharpener. The pencil case is gorgeous too. Not made of flimsy material. And of course, the pull is your classic gold spade. Observe and admire accordingly.

Do you LOVE our Kate too? I started a Pinterest board with even more great stuff, that’s how obsessed I am! Follow on Pinterest

What about you? Tell me what some of your favorites are!

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